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his clinic is being held at your Physicians office
This clinic is for Patients of the OSFHT 55+
Only the AstraZeneca Vaccine will be available

If you are a Patient of

Please call 519-470-3030, option 3,  to book your appointment.

To book a PAP appointment with a nurse in the pap clinic: 

Select Nursing Appointments now available to book online:

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 Dr. L. Cox Dr. O. Dafe Dr. S. Dooley Dr. D. Dyke Dr. A. Evoy  Dr. M. Gibbons Dr. G. Gladwell Dr. A. Petrie Dr. A. Robbins Dr. M. Robertson  Dr. G. Singh Dr. B. Sumbria Dr. C. Travers & Dr. D. Edwards Dr. C. Tweedie Dr. K. VanAlphen Dr. L. VanZyl

 Please only submit pictures if your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner has requested the picture
or if you are also booking an appointment online regarding this issue.

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